Take the EASY road to simple and affordable land ownership!

We specialize in buying and selling of vacant land. Simple, owner financed, no-interest terms. NO banks, NO credit checks. YOU'RE APPROVED!

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About Us

Our company currently specializes in buying and selling of small to medium parcels of land for uses that range from camping and recreational vehicle riding to land investing, land collecting, and more. Our strengths include simple and easy options for selling land to us. Additionally, we offer affordable cash deals and flexible owner-assisted terms payment programs for our buyers. I am a grateful husband of 12 years to my wife and a VERY PROUD father of a special needs child residing in sunny Tampa, FL. I started my company to provide a better life for my family and help facilitate a better work/life balance overall. I have been blessed with the opportunity to build my own business while helping others accomplish the reality of owning their own land. I look forward to working with you and demonstrating our over the top service to meet your land seeking needs. Feel free to call me anytime before, during, or after business hours. I promise to return your call within 24 hours. Thank you! Mike Melton

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